BGTC has carried out various services and supply contracts in the Oil, Gas and Power industry in Kuwait. We have taken up and successfully completed:

  • Mechanical and Fabrication works
  • Structural Steel works
  • Piping Jobs
  • Medium range Civil Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Works
  • Fencing Works
  • Water Treatment for HVAC
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Transformer Maintenance

BGTC specialises in the erection, commissioning, maintenance, oil testing / treatment and high voltage testing of power transformers to 500 KV.

We have the knowledge base, experience, expertise & equipment to undertake transformer works in Kuwait & the Middle Eastern Countries.

BGTC has expertised in transformer and oil works thereby cementing our reputation for transformer specialist expertise and capability within the industry is never ending. Till date, we have NEVER had to return to one of our transformers for warranty or repair work related to our expertise or quality of workmanship.

Our Corporate philosophy is to work close with our Customers thereby enabling the trust and respect generated by both parties to achieve mutually successful project outcomes. Our Customer Relations policy adheres to old fashioned values, quoting honestly and fairly the first time - we do not quote low on a job and try to make profits by lodging additional variations and claims.

BGTC strive to keep cost and charges competitive and work hard to ensure our Customers receive excellent value for money and remain, or become repeat Customers. We welcome input from our Customers whereby we can make our services more cost effective and efficient.

Services Provided:

  • Transformer Installations and Relocations covering both new and existing units.
  • Transformer Inspections, Testing & Condition Reporting.
  • Transformer Refurbishments, Upgrades & Modifications.
  • Oil Treatment, Oil Filling & Retrofilling, Regeneration & Passive Oil Filtration.
  • Routine and General Maintenance of Transformers and Auxiliary Equipment.
  • Equipment, Labour, Truck.
  • Oil Testing, Condition Monitoring and Reporting.

We are also proficient in manufacturing pre-fabricated cabins, Office Toiler Container Units, Porto-Cabin and Tents.

We are a successful Contractor with the United States Army bases in Kuwait,Qatar, Iraq and Afghanistan. BGTC along with our partners have carried out various contracts for the US Army directly and with their major Contractors namely KBR, FLUOR, SAIC, DYNCORP, DATAPATH, ITT, CSA, HONEYWELL, and many other prominent contractors in the region.

Contracts Undertaken:

Manpower Support For US ARMY APS-5 Project through ITT

On-Call Maintenance and Repair of Fencing at Camp Arifjan and KNB for DPW- US ARMY through ITT

Catering & Transport Service for ASMACS

About us

Bharat General Trading & Contracting Co W.L.L (BGTC) was founded in 2004 to serve the ever demanding Oil, Gas & Power Industries in Kuwait and in the Middle East.

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